About Us

ABOUT Shamoon from technoshamoon.

Hello friends i am Shamoon i live in U.P. I am owner of this blog and Where i like to share my Internet/Tech experience with my online readers of this blog.i am student i study in school.
i started this blog on June 2018 its my first blog i started seriously on this blog.

How i started:

In 2017 i started a channel on youtube i upload videos daily with good topics but on youtube i am not success.But i have more topics so after some time in my mind came an idea that is blog or website so i search on google how to create a blog so after that i created a blog on blogger but those time i have no more traffic and i have nothing know about seo after some time i search what is seo and how to get traffic etc.after some i quit blogger then i motivated by 1 person he is my secret and now i started blog again i am working on this.

My hobbies:

  I am big fan of bollywood and hollywood movies and i see movies yet.i want to become a youtuber i am working on youtube yet but still my subscribers is more than 1k only but i am working seriously because never give up.And i like to playing cricket biggest fan of M.S Dhoni.

My Profession:

  I am a half time blogger not full time because i am study at school.But i write post on this blog in half time and On sunday i gives full time on blog.I also upload videos on youtube but that is also some time.