How To Rank Higher In Google 2018[ SEO Tutorial]

How To Rank Higher In Google 2018[ SEO Tutorial]

How To Rank Higher In Google 2018[SEO Tutorial]

At this time in blogging, there are very difficult to rank higher in Google or other search engines because now there is high competition in blogging life.

I think who have more knowledge about SEO and who is professional and old blogger will rank their website in less time.

However, (some new bloggers rank their website in search engines how?) so, this is because they write unique content and they do well on page SEO.

Some bloggers say that content is king is this right? so, my answer is yes content is king if you have a strong content then don't think about anything.

You can rank your website/blog if you have a unique and strong content. Some bloggers paying $100+  for Backlinks I think this is a fully wrong thing.

Don't buy backlinks from anywhere I know that some new bloggers buy backlinks from Fiverr and Freelancer this is a wrong thing they're doing.

New bloggers think only about backlinks but only backlinks can't rank your website. And now backlinks do not have more value in SEO.

Now, don't think that backlinks are nothing. I only saying that backlinks have some value in SEO. Let's see an example

Example: If your website has a unique content and your competitor also has a unique content then (which website will be rank higher?)

Then Google will see your backlinks but only quality backlinks then who will have more backlinks who will be rank higher.

In SEO no matter what industry you're in WordPress or blogger. You can set up WordPress blog and get start from today. But, to rank well in search engines

you need to give more time, you need to give 100% on blogging, you need a system to improve your brand and that will help in your rankings.

I am going to show you the step by step process that every blogger and I personally use to rank my articles in search engines.

Today, in this post we'll learn about how to rank higher in google. So, without wasting time. Let's go ahead!

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Keyword Research:

Keyword researching is the most important thing in blogging. Keyword tells you what your target and what audience searching on search engines and more.

i.e., blogging tips, SEO, ready to purchase etc. These are the search queries which audience search on search engines.

Keyword research used to find and research alternative search terms that people or audience enter into search engines while they looking for a subject.

Keyword research is your first step in optimizing any website for certain keywords. Without keyword research, I think you can't rank your website.

Some bloggers research keywords by paid tools. Like Semrush, Ahref etc. But if you're a beginner and yet you don't get revenue from Adsense or Affiliate.

So, you should use free tools for keyword researching. I use Google keyword planner for researching best keywords for me it's free.

Now, I hope you have understood keyword researching. Let's go to the next step which is used to rank higher in google.

Give links to high authority domains:

This way can help you to rank well in Google. Because of this, your authority will grow. But a simple question is will it hell to rank well? my answer is yes!

This will help you to rank well and grow your authority. Because domain authority plays a strong role in SEO and blogging.

If you have more domain authority then, you will rank well but when you have a unique content I have told you that content is king.

When you give links to high authority domains in your post. When someone clicks on that links a trust creates from it and also a link juice.
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Write up to 2000 words:

I think a unique article is up to 1000 words but this is not enough to rank well in Google. I have read on other blogs that 2000 words article is rank well.

And this is right before some time on this blog I wrote about 400-500 words only. But when I saw that my articles are not ranking then I increased words.

And 200-300 words article doesn't a unique article. And search engines do not show that type of posts. Normally bloggers write about 1700-2000 words articles.

I would like to say that I also write 1500-2000 words article and my articles rank 6 or 7 no. on Google. But sometimes my article doesn't rank it's normal.

So, if you are a beginner then you should write daily content and about 1500-2000 words. Now go and start writing your unique post.

Submit your site to Google/Bing webmaster:

This is a very important thing for bloggers. If you started your blog so, first you should submit your blog to webmasters and submit sitemap on there.

A webmaster is a person who maintains many websites. Google Search Console (google webmaster tools) helps you to display your blog on Google.

You've to verify your site that you're the owner of the site. And after you've to submit the XML sitemap to search console for the better service.

A sitemap is the map of your website. A sitemap either HTML and XML file that contains all your links from your blog pages.
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Boost your site speed:

One of the most important things is your site seed. I think normally site speed 2.0 seconds. But this doesn't enough make it 1.0 second to rank higher.

My site speed is 2.0 seconds but I am making it about 1.0 seconds to rank higher on Google. Crawlers also see your site speed.

If you want to boost your site speed so, you can read this article from the pro blogger website I hope it will help you to boost your site speed.
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