Important SEO Tips and Tricks for beginners (SEO tutorial)

Important SEO Tips For Beginners (SEO tutorial)

11 Best SEO Tips For Beginners (seo toturial)

Hello, everyone today I am back with an interesting topic and this post is a special gift to bloggers. 

Every blogger knows about SEO because in blogging SEO is a very important topic and also difficult.

In this time every blogger's want to rank theirs on the first page of Google. Because this time bloggers are about 10 lakhs+.

but all bloggers are not successful. Some bloggers come in blogging for only money and some bloggers come in blogging for their skills.

Why all bloggers not successful? because they don't know about blogging and they also don't know about SEO and SEO is main for blogging.

I am not expert in SEO but I have some knowledge that's why I am trying to fight with my competitors.

So, today I will share with you my personal - Important SEO Tips For Beginners (SEO tutorial) let's go to the topic.

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What Is SEO:
Wikipedia says- SEO is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) this process is used for rank higher in the Search Engine Results page. And In blogging, it's a serious matter.

If you want to rank your website on the first page of result then you need to SEO your website and SEO is not a very easy work.

In blogging, there are many SEO experts. Like - Neil Patel and more. Their websites rank higher on Google or Bing. Because they do SEO perfectly

And this time If you want to do blogging perfectly then you need to learn something about SEO. I am saying that without SEO nothing is Blogging.

By having a powerful SEO website owner can get free organic traffic and more.
SEO is an art in the life of Blogging.

I know you can rank your article with a little SEO but if you want to rank on high keywords which are using big website owners so then you need a powerful SEO.

I have told you that I am not an SEO expert but I know something about SEO that's why I am trying to fight with my competitors.

If you have more knowledge in SEO then you can also make money without a website. You can start a freelance account on Fiverr or Freelance etc.

At the end of this, I want to say something to you that without SEO you can rank your website but when you have passion.

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How to do perfect SEO:  

This is a very interesting and common question. I will give you answer to this question now let's learn with me about Important SEO tips and tricks.

These all tips are not my personal tips and tricks I have researched about some tips and some tips are my personal tips. Let's learn.

Guest Post:

I have written it in the first no. because this is a very important thing in SEO. This is my personal trick and also said by other bloggers.

Guest posting means writing an article and publishing that on the other's blog or website this is called Guest post.

that Guest post is a key to boos ranking in Google or other search engines. Yet, I haven't submitted any Guest post for this site. But I have submitted for other sites.

If you want to rank higher then I am suggesting you for the Guest post. I have already told you that you can submit the Guest post in our blog.

But our program accepts for the Guest post by real authors you can read our guidelines on the Guest post page.

There are some reasons why the Guest post is the key to ranking. Let's see with me. 

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Guest posting is a great thing for search engines:

Guest posting is good in SEO. Because when we submit a guest post to another site then the host blogger must include a link to your blog in the post somewhere. 

that is called backlinks and these backlinks up your ranking and value of your blog.  And also make your content easier to find via Googe or Bing etc.

Guest post builds the relationship with other bloggers:

Bloggers need good articles or content. By Guest post blogger and adding a value to other blogs. You are going to build a relationship with other bloggers.

by making friends with other bloggers through the Guest post you are going to grow your influence in the realm of social media.

This is also a great reason of Guest post why the Guest post is key of ranking. 
I hope you have understood the Guest post.

Now let's learn the next step.

Increase your site speed: 


Your site speed plays a special role in SEO or ranking on the first page of Google or Bing. Some bloggers ignore this thing but this is an important thing.

For example: If I search SEO tips and tricks on Google. Then Google will find the results related to my keyword.

when Google found all the results Google will see those sites backlinks and speed which site will have fast speed Google will rank that site on the first.

some bloggers think that 4 seconds are enough for the site but 4 seconds is not a good speed of the site. My blog speed is 2 seconds I think this is enough.

You can check your site speed by here- check your page  

Or you can search on Google - site speed checker or test. After checking your speed if your site speed is 4 seconds or 3 seconds.

then do it about 2 seconds now let's see how to increase blog speed and rank high in Google or Bing.

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Optimize your images:

I think that every beginner blogger use images without compressing it and many times upload images as they found.

Images say 1000 of words but if you have images that aren't optimized, then this can big problem for you.

because Google does not love images which aren't optimized. Big size images or videos are the common and big reason for your site speed problem.

If you are a WordPress user so, there are many plugins. Use them and compress or optimize your all images.

You can use this plugin - Smush image compressor or if you know any other plugin so, you can use that for optimizing images.

this is a great way to improve your site speed and also ranking in Google or Bing.

Compress your HTML of the theme:

This is also a good way to boost up your page or site speed. I used it on this blog and also I used on other sites of me.

But don't forget to download your them backup file when you compress your them.

this is not our main topic so let's go to the next tips or trick.

Quality Content:

 SEO Tips and Tricks

This is a common tip which you read on most blogs. I read it on every high authority blog or other blogs.

They write it because this is one of the most common tips on ranking. If you want to rank your site or articles then you will need it.

Because without quality content Google can't show your site on the first page of Google or Bing. 

Some bloggers think that 400 or 500 words article is enough for rank in Google but this is wrong thinking. 

I think 2000 or 3000 words article ranks well in Google. When I start this blog I wrote 400 or 500 words article on this blog.

And I applied for but rejected me at that time because I was not writing quality content.

Quality content means - Your real written article and detailed article. If you want to approve your Adsense account so, you should write a detailed article.

Simply you can write 1500 or 2000 words article in starting but when you have to get more visitors or traffic then you should write a detailed article.

I write 1500 or 2000 words article on this blog. But my old articles are 400 or 500 words article I am trying to update them.

I saw 4000+ words articles on other big blogs. And they are ranking on the first page of the Google that's why you should write a well quality article.

Don't copy from other blog but you can read from other's blog for knowledge I also read when I get any problem.

If you want to hire me for your article so, you can contact me on Fiverr - hire me

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Social Network:

Social Networks are the best to get more traffic in a genuine way. I have a page where I share my articles and get more visitors.

And it's also the best way to create backlinks. you know that there are different, different types of backlinks.

From social media, you get a link that is called web 2.O link. This link helps you to rank higher on the first page of Google.

Social networks also give you more visitors. you can create 2.O links from - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.

You can try this method I hope your site get ranking in Google. This is the good way to rank the site on Google or Bing.

Links Building:

Link building is the best way to rank higher on the search engines. There are many types of links. Like- Directory link, image linking and more.

This is not an easy method I have very little links on this blog. But I am creating a link for articles and site. 

To increase the website ranking in search engines link building is important for this work. You can make links from social media

and from your images which you use in your site and the best method is blog commenting. Blog commenting is the common link building method.

If you want to make more backlinks by blog commenting so, you can read our post -
how to make backlinks by blog commenting

Now let's see with my types of links building.

Blog Commenting: leaving a link on another blog may result in a relevant do-follow link on the website. Some time when we leave a comment on a blog turns into a no-follow link. 

which is not counted by search engines Google or Bing.
so, keep this thing on your mind that leave a comment on a high authority website.

Directory links: website directories are the lists of links to blog or website which are sorted into categories.

Any blogger or website owner can submit their site to these directories. Some directories are free and some directories pay for the listing.

Social Bookmarking: social bookmarking is a way of saving web pages in public locations on the web.

Bookmark have anchor text and shared stored publicly. This is also a genuine way to make more links for high ranking.

Find the best keywords:

Remember, keywords show your website niche and topic of your post. Every blogger in beginning does this mistake.

they write posts without finding keywords that's why they do not rank higher in search engines. But some bloggers find relevant keywords.

for their post, if you are a beginner then don't choose keywords in which keyword ranking high authority sites.

Find keywords which have some traffic or medium competition. I also choose medium competition keywords because I can rank my blog on that keywords.

You can find keywords with SEO tools some tools are paid and some tools are free. You can choose any for keyword researching.

I use Google keyword planner for researching best keywords. And one more interesting thing that is it's free to use.

And also you can use SEMRUSH tool for keyword researching. SEMRUSH is the most popular tool for SEO and for researching keywords.

but this is a paid tool you can't use it free like google keyword planner. If you don't have much money to but it. So, you can use the Google keyword planner.