A Bad Infolinks Review

A Bad Infolinks Review

Hello, I am Shamoon and today I am going to tell you about Infolinks.

the keyword is - Infolinks review so this is my first review on this site because my site niche is blogging.

but some friends of me are saying to me for Infolinks review so that's why today I shall give you Infolinks review so let's go to the topic.

Infolinks Review

 first, we need to know about Infolinks what is Infolinks let's see what is Infolinks
What Is Infolinks:

 Infolinks is a platform where you can monetize your blog/website from Infolinks and advertiser could advertise her blog/website.

I have used Infolinks in my other site but it was not good for me. So in today's post, I will be sharing my review of Infolinks from me and my friend experience.

Almost all bloggers use Adsense and Affiliate marketing to monetize their blog/website but some people who are not getting Adsense approval and they don't know about Affiliate marketing.

Then they started looking for other blog monetization programs. This article for those bloggers who are using Infolinks because some bloggers use Infolinks.

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A Bad Infolinks Review:

Above I have told you that I have used it to monetize my blog but the result was not good because in 7 days my earnings were nothing.

then I got angry and I tried to contact with Infolinks and Infolinks replied to my question. They said that some problem is going on in our programs we are fixing it.

I said Ok, they said to me wait.. after some time your earning will be showing. I said ok I am waiting for it and after 2 hours my earning was showing on my dashboard.

but the earning was shocking my earning was $0.2 then It's very funny!.

after that I quite Infolinks. Now I started looking at other monetization programs but my experience says that Adsense and Media.net are best to monetize blog/website.

because in these ad networks the CPC (cost per click) is high and also Adsense and Media.net are trusted networks because Adsense is a Google's products and Google is the largest platform and trusted.

and Media.net is Yahoo and Bing ad network that is also a trusted and best platform to monetize the blog.

but some bloggers say that Infolinks is good to monetize the blog and I am saying Infolinks is bad. what is the matter?

Matter nothing they are big bloggers means they have more traffic from the U.S, U.K, Canada etc that's why they earn more from it.

If you have more traffic from these countries so you could earn more from Infolinks. I am not saying that you can't use it I am just telling you my review my experience Ok.

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Why I was not earning enough money from Infolinks:

I have told you about my experience of Infolinks now I am going to tell you why I did not earn enough money from Infolinks. Let's go to the topic

Because  I had not enough traffic from U.S, U.K, and Canada I think that's why I was not earning enough money from Infolinks.

But I am very happy with Infolinks clients because they have explained to me all things very clean.

Final Words:

My final words are simple if you are a pro blogger and you have enough traffic from other countries like - U.S, UK and Canada and many other.

so you can earn more from Infolinks because these countries are high CPC countries.

I am not telling you that you should not use Infolinks and Don't use Infolinks I only telling my experience my journey of Infolinks.

You can use it if your result comes good because this is also an ad network and also an Adsense alternative.

You can read our other posts I hope you will like.

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