Celebrating Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day

Hello I am Shamoon today I shall not tell you about blogging or other but today I am going to tell about our Independence day.

I proud of our country India because I am an Indian citizen and I love India I don't know how I can explain to you my feelings but I can explain you our Independence day.

because some people of our country don't know about what is Independence day and what is Republic day so today I shall cover- What is Independence day, Why we celebrate Independence day etc. So lets go to the point.

              On this auspicious occasion of Independence day, here is a 2 minute speech for you guys.

No other event can be considered more important in India than the Independence day because this is when we got freedom from British rule.

Independence day speech: 

This was the day in 1947 when we got Independence; when we got freedom from the british rule. 

We are fortunate that our forefathers fought for us and gave us a land of peace. A peaceful life that we are living today is just because of their sacrifices. 

So many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and A.P.J Abdul Kalam and many others devoted their whole life to the service of Nation. 

Today India is the largest democracy in the world we are one of the most emerging economies in the world and developing rapidly in the field of technology, education, sports and many others; 

which could not be possible without freedom. So at the end of my speech, I would like to say that we must be proud to be Indian not to forget, they sacrificed their lives to get us freedom; 

and now it's our time, now its time to take oath to do something significant for our country what we are now and we have new is all given by our forefathers now we have to ask ourselves what we are goint to give to our coming generations. 

So lets celebrate this occasion with joy.

What Is Independence Day:

Independence Day is annually celebrated on 15th Agust, as a national holiday in India because this was the day in 1947 when we got independence when we got freedom from British rule. 

struggles for independence day can be seen throughout history. Remember that freedom is given by our forefathers because they fought for us then we got freedom. 

now we are living with freedom what we are doing for our country India what we are giving to India; 

nothing we are only for eating food and toilet sorry for this language but this is true. india is the largest democracy in the world this why because our forefathers fought for freedom for us and now India have more technology we are growing very rapidly.