How to make money by dailymotion 2018

How to make money by dailymotion 2018

  So buddies nowadays  i m going to inform you about how to make money by dailymotion 2018 Dailymotion additionally region commercials on our motion soon as we get accredited for monetization programme via dailymotion after dailymotion stocks 70% sales with extra- the way to make cash with the aid of dailymotion?  

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How to get paid by dailymotion:

  • you will get paid by dailymotion when you select a payment method(Once your account balance reaches $100) then you got money from dailymotion its simple method.First you should to upload good content.

Is our content is main?

  • On YouTube we upload videos means our content and everywhere which are sharing site we upload our content so dailymotion is also a videos sharing platform which is very famous after youtube you can easily upload content on dailymotion but first I suggest you upload best content if you uploads videos daily on YouTube or dailymotion but your videos are not getting views so this is not youtube problem it's your problem see your content again and again and make your content perfect for upload then upload your content because your content is main if you paying money on AdWords and your videos getting some views but those views is not quality views that are known as bad views but if you have ability so make your content best than other so visitors search on YouTube or dailmotion and your video will show visitors click on your video if visitor likes your video so I m sure visitor will subscribe your channel so your content is main

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How to upload content on dailymotion: 

  • Its simple go to your dailymotion account and now go to partner hq now click on Media and go to videos after clicking on Media you will their an option that is upload on upper side click on that and select video files and upload after your uploading will be starting soon. 

How to embed dailymotion videos on website/blog:

You can also make money by embedding dailymotion videos on your website/blog but this possible when you have an approved account of dailymotion you can get easily approval by dailymotion.  
           1.  First go to your dailymotion account and click on profile and then click on partnerHQ.

         2. Go to partner HQ and click on Embed and than create a widget .

                   3. After creating a widget copy the code of widget and paste on your site.
                  4.Paste the code in HTML java script on your site.
                  5. Soon Video will be shown on your site.

          My opinion: 

          I know you have youtube channel and you are not growing on youtube because youtube is a big platform and on youtube 100+ lakhs channel so on youtube you need to do hard work than you can success 70% peoples are not success on youtube. So dont worry here is big site and big platform for you Dailymotion is a big video sharing platform after youtube and also a fast growing site If you are not growing on youtube so this is a big option for you.
          i used dailymotion and i also embed videos on my site in past my experience is good for dailymotion its a good site.
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          For more information read this and use dailymotion and make money by it in easiest way just upload your content and make money no 1000 subscriber need no 4000 watch time need like Youtube youtube is a most populer site you can make money on youtube but this time on youtube lakhs+ creators available so on youtube you can make money but you want to wait...... for growing your channel but on Dailymotion their is some creators and no monetization rule no 1000 subscriber need only upload content and start earning money if you want to make money by embedding videos on your site so this is also a good idea.
          Thank you