5 best sites to make money online 2018

5 best sites to make money online 2018

Hello, friends today I am going to tell you about 5 best sites which can make you rich let's start learning.
5 best sites which can make you rich-technoshamoon

You see many websites on google in your daily life I know you also search on google about how to make money, how I earn money etc.This is common I also searched this type of keywords because we need money in our life every person who lives on earth need money and this time in India there are no more works that's why we search on google how to make money, how I earn my etc but we find only fraud sites so don't worry today I shall tell you about 5 best sites which can make you rich lets begin.

5 Best Sites Which Can Make You Rich:

  1.  Youtube: Youtube is the biggest platform where you can upload your content and monetize your channel this is the biggest way to earn money from the Internet and one thing its free to use go there and make your channel now but this time on youtube more than 10000 channels that's why some people are not successful on Youtube.
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  1. How To Make Money On Youtube By Uploading Trailers, Songs etc:
    • If you have no more knowledge to make your videos and upload on Youtube so don't worry you can earn without making your videos its not fake way its true On youtube there is two types of category 1st is Standard Youtube License and 2d is Creative Commons so you need to choose Creative Commons License and than you can upload songs, movies, trailers etc you can also upload copyright content and make money.                                      

          Youtube Monetization Policy:

        Now Youtube policy is very strong if you want to monetize your channel so you need   1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time this is a big policy and this is new policy before this youtube policy 10000 views now on youtube there are more than 100000 channels but don't worry you should make videos and upload I anytime but first you should do your school work and study. 

       2. Blogger: This is a famous site and this is also a Google product you can earn lakhs by it and I am writing this article in blogger and it's my blog in blogger this is a great site to make money blogger is a site where you can make your blog free and you can write articles in your blog its totally free you can show your passion on blogger and show your writing skills on blogger on thing that is most important its free to make a blog on blogger write articles and monetize your site from Adsense and make money but this is not easy.

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       3.Fiverr: This is the biggest site for freelancers you can make the account here free and make money when you make gigs here I suggest you make the gig on Blogging, Video animation category because these categories are very popular in fiverr  this a big  platform to earn money its minimum gig rate is $5 when anyone orders your gig so you should do work properly then you can make money because visitors who order they see your gig reviews I also a Fiverr user and I make gigs in blogging or website developing category you can check my Fiverr account here.
5 best sites which can make you rich-techoshamoon
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You can see my account and if you need a blog or website so I can make a blog for you in blogger select gig from my account and place order now and if you need money and you know about Blogging, SEO, Video animation so show your work here and make money its free.
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        4.Click Bank: Click Bank is a site which provides you some products and you need to promoter those products this is not a free method because you need Adwords for the promotion of products but if you have a famous site or youtube channel so you can easily promote them. First, you need a product to choose a product for you and promote that everywhere and then click bank pay money.
5 best sites which can make you rich - technoshamoon
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      5. Freelancer : This is last site and biggest site here you can earn from freelancing like Fiverr this site is also freelancing site like Fiverr here you can make account easily and make money by it but here is some changes in Fiverr you make gig but here you need to place a project and project is also known as offer I had used it I suggest you use it because it very easy and trusted site. 

My Opinion : 

I have told you all 5 sites which are best and trusted sites but now you should pick up a site in which your interest is my opinion is simple we need money every person need money and if you have interest in online so you can start your small business from these sites and make money this is not fake way if you know website developing and video animation etc so you can make account on Fiverr or Freelancer because these are best sites for freelancing one site that is also famous Upwork but I suggest you Fiverr or Freelancer because these sites have more traffic than other freelancing sites. Youtube you can also make channel on youtube because this is also the biggest way to earn more money and become more famous but I have told you on youtube more than 10000 channels that's why you need to wait for famous on Youtube and Blogger if you have more knowledge about tech , SEO etc so you can make a your own blog in blogger and monetize it by Adsense this is also a biggest way to earn money and it is called blogging.