Google Url Shortener.

Google Url  Shortener.

Hello, I am Shamoon today I am going to tell you about Google Url Shortener.

If you are a blogger or a youtube so you know it because almost all YouTubers and blogger's use Google Url shortener because this is the very useful tool.

You can use it easily and it's free today we will cover - what is Google Url shortener and how to use now let's go to the point.

 What is google URL shortener:

  Google URL shortener is a very good tool for shortening URL and it's free this is a  Google's product google URL shortener google URL shortener is also known as  was an URL shortening service offered by Google. It was launched in 2009. This is an amazing tool for shortening URL I used this and using amazing experience guys but you can't make money by it Like other URL shortening sites.

Because Google Url shortener is only for who want to make Url shortener without earn money like other Url shortener sites.

They pay you money for click like - 1000click=$5, $10 etc every site has their different terms and conditions but if you want to short Url only without earn money so I suggest you for Google Url shortener because it's a Google's product and Google is a very trusted company in the world and also the largest search engine.

This is an amazing tool I use it on my social media accounts and pages and one more interesting thing you can earn money from it.

Now you are thinking before some you have said  that you can't make money by it now you are saying you can make money by it so I have the answer of this I am saying you can earn 
more money by affiliate marketing.

Because affiliate links are common and easy to know people may know easily and then they don't click on the link but if you short your URL so you can earn more because Google URL shortener is not easy to know.

Example -  Real
Google URL shortener -

This is different in common link and a Google URL link this can be profitable for you.

Now we have known Google Url shortener but one more thing how to use Google URL shortener? now let's talk about it.

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How To Use Google URL Shortener:

Google URL shortener is free and easy to use you could use it for the first time let's see how to use it. 
  • Its simple go to your browser which you have and search google URL shortener
  • Second step-when you open then you will see an interface so now click on URL box.
  • After clicking on URL box paste your link and click on shorten URL.
  • and now your URL has shrunk.

Why we should use it:

This is a common question because we have known about Google URL shortener but now we want to know why we should use it - ham Iska istemaal kyu Karna chahiye.

So let's talk something about it because this is a very important question we know that a common URL is long and not easy to read.

That's why we use Google URL shortener I have already told you that you could make more money from it.

For example, if you generate an affiliate link from anywhere and you want to sell that product you are pasting that link everywhere but nothing orders coming this is because people see your link or URL then click on that.

I know some people do not see the link they click directly on the link but those people do not buy products now you are thinking how to grow my sell.

So then you could try it because Google URL shortener link is like Google link example has given above see that.

Now I think you have understood which I have explained to you but if you have any question so feel free to comment me comment box is below go and comment your question or problem I will solve that.

Note: Google URL shortener is not working properly you could wait or you could use another tool.