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                                best blogs of India       

Hello, friends today I am going to tell you about the best blogs in India. So ready Let's start.

 So today I am going to tell you about the best blogs and best bloggers also because best bloggers make the best blog today I will tell you top 5 blogs and bloggers of India.

 best blogs of India.  

  • founder→Faisal Farooqui.this a most popular blog and Faisal sir uploads reviews on the blog its a very good blog for reviews and he uploads real reviews. He gives money for reviews who write the review. So I think its a good blog for information He uploads reviews of-Electronics etc. He comes in top 5 bloggers in India.
  • founder→Ashish Sinha so this is top 4 blog of India it's a technology blog and he uploads technology related things on this blog. Before some time he worked at Yahoo and Imb he starts blogging in 2007 Monthly earning of Ashish Sinha→$17000(Estimated) earning.
  • Founder→Shrdha Sharma this a very beautiful blog and I love it because he uploads stories of successful men and woman etc. This is a very popular blog. Monthly earning-$30000 (Estimated).He belongs to Patna Behar.Alexa Rank-3000-3500.
  • this a very very popular blog of India Founder→Amit Agarwal Monthly earning-$60000 (estimated).
  • Founder→Harsh Agarwal this is No 1 blog of India and also a No 1 blogger he started blogging in 2008 he uploads tips and tricks of blogging tips, Earning money tips, SEO tips etc. Monthly earning-$34000(estimated).
So these are top and best blogs of India I hope you like this post. Have any question-Comment below